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About Us

Counselling and Advocacy for Victims of Sexual Assault Since 1991

Confidential, non-judgmental support for survivors of sexual violence

The Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte & District was founded in 1991. It recognizes that sexual violence is primarily directed towards women and children and is anchored in the social, cultural and economic disparities of our society. It seeks to eradicate this imbalance through education, counselling and social change.

Sexual assault is a serious, pervasive crime in our community. The deeply wounding effects of sexual assault ripple through our society, taking a toll on physical and mental health and family life, and affecting an inner sense of self.

Paths of Courage Residential Healing Program pioneered by SACQD

The Paths of Courage Residential Healing Program is a one of a kind program, pioneered by the Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte & District. Our intent through Paths of Courage is to provide survivors with safe opportunities to make the healing journey from the after-effects of sexual violence to self-awareness and wholeness.

A Need for “Something More”

It was developed after years of SACQD participants talking about the need for “something more” – beyond the typical one hour counselling session. We learned, through feedback, as well as through informed research, that if we are still sitting in a room engaged in talk therapy, that we are missing out on so many other possible options that may be beneficial to survivors. As helpful, and in many cases, “life saving”, as talk therapy can be, we wanted to offer another alternative to our existing program.

A unique program that offers sustained, intensive therapeutic counseling in a safe, healing, residential environment.

A week long healing journey in a  peaceful setting

The Paths of Courage Residential Healing Program is self-directed. To participate, please fill in the online application form or download and print the application. People are offered to be placed into groups with a maximum of 10 participants for the week-long program. Open to All residents of Ontario.

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SACQD services extend throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, through locations in Belleville, Trenton, Picton and Bancroft.Learn more about the programs offered at Sexual Assault Centre Quinte & District

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If it was not for this program, I’m not sure where I would be today. They helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though there are many bumps and roller coasters, we will overcome to get there

Sharing my feelings of isolation, shame, fear, and pain with my group was the best thing that has ever happened to me

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